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Q: Is this service free?

Our service is free for 3 months. We are now testing our services in beta phase. That´s the reason why it´s free. After this period our service will be made premium.

Q: Do you save numbers or and locations?

No we do not! We do not save anything personal related.

Q: What is my advantage?

There are many advantages of phone tracking based on phone number. For example you can find your stolen phone, track your loved ones or even employees. You could also locate your car if it has a mobile phone inside. We do provide premium grade service for you!

Q: Is tracking legal?

This question is not easy to answer. We recommend you read our informations here to get an accurate answer.

Q: Can i submit request not to locate my phone with your service?

Yes please Contact Us. Always mention your name, phone number, location and what you want.