Tracking Information

Who Can Track Phone Numbers?

Tracking of the phone numbers can be an extremely challenging or terrifying thought for all of us. Our point of view toward this issue is being shaped by our personal feelings about it: do we want to track certain phone number or protect from such an eventuality?

It seems that both parties, the ones who are looking forward to discovering new means of phone numbers tracking and the ones who desperately trying to hide their phone numbers are equally intrigued with the same question: who can actually track your phone numbers? On the one side, we have police, government agencies and other similar organization with the proper legal authorization to track your phone numbers. On the other side, we have an entire army of people with various private reasons for tracking the phone numbers of their loved ones, friends or relatives.

We have to emphasize that the situation in this matter is far away from being completely certain and regulated. Nowadays, the question whether or not the police or the government itself can conduct phone numbers tracking activities without an appropriate warranty has even divided the US Federal Court of Appeals. In addition, the ability of the secret agencies to track your phone number regardless of the fact that your cell phone is turned off has literally become one of the most popular urban legends. We simply cannot neglect the unprecedented emerging number of newly developed applications with the particular purpose of phone tracking.

Without any exaggeration we can say that almost anyone who has an intention or proper legal authorization can try to track your phone number. The word “try” had to be added to emphasize the complexity of this issue from both technical and ethical side of the story. You can rest assured that if someone is trying to track your phone number it does not necessarily mean he or she will eventually have success in it. On the other hand, you cannot ever be absolutely certain that your phone has not been tracked at one point in time.