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Can Police Track My Location?

The modern world of technologies has brought us so many wonderful things to improve the very quality of our lives, but at the same time our privacy faces serious challenges and threats. Your concern that your phone number is and can be tracked at some point in time is not without its ground. Therefore, the question whether or not the police can track the location of your phone number comes with a straightforward answer: Yes.

Having this in mind we believe it is much better to ask how and why the police can track your location of your phone or iPhone. Before the introduction of smart phones the police was using the triangulation methods for phone location purpose. Based on the position of the closest provider’s towers this method of phone tracking was not too much reliable and accurate. The smart phones have brought revolution among all users for private and professional purposes. Nowadays, thanks to the high quality of GPS signals the police has the opportunities to track your phone with an amazing precision and very quickly.

When it comes to the justification for the police tracking activities we have to emphasize their quite controversial character. On the one side, we have to agree that new technologies improve the efficiency of the police including our protection and safety. On the other side, your privacy is definitely experiencing tough challenges with the regulations in this area. You have to be completely aware that the US police is allowed to track your phone without a warrant or probable cause. This possibility is supported and enabled with the appropriate court decisions.

You have to aware that there is nothing you can do from preventing the police to track your phone number regardless of the reason. To make things even worse you may be completely unaware about this type of police actions against you. The only option you have in this case to protect your privacy is simply to leave your phone at home.