Tracking Information

Does My Phone Send / Receive GPS Signals?

The unparalleled technology development has brought us many opportunities, but at the same time so many worries, as well. One of them is definitely related to our fear of our phone being tracked by using its GPS signals. In this sense, the GPS signals emitted by our phone can be used to our advantage or disadvantage.

The GPS signals themselves are directly related to the issue of phone numbers tracking. In this way, our opinion about the opportunities of our phone’s GPS signals can be strongly influenced by the question of their very purpose. On the one side, we are very grateful to be rescued in the hour of need according to the coordinates determined through the use of GPS signals from our phone. On the other side, we feel bad about our privacy which can be compromised by the same GPS signals previously used for our well being.

Closely related to the issue of our phone’s ability to send or receive GPS signals is one of the most popular urban legends. To this very day we are not quite sure whether or not turning off your phone prevents the transfer of GPS signals. Some people are pretty much convinced that all you have to do in preventing someone to trace you by using your phone’s GPS signals is to turn it off. Nevertheless, for others even that is not enough. They always tend to remove the battery from the phone as well. The more we read about these quite unusual habits and requirements, the more we get confused and uncertain. One thing is sure in this matter and it includes the leaving your phone at home as the only certain measure for prevention of tracking.

Perhaps we should care more about lifestyle than our phone’s GPS signals. We have to accept that all of our devices including their signals and features are quite indifferent and objective toward our lives. What gives them positive or negative purpose are our intentions behind them.