Tracking Information

How can i find location of scammer?

Scammer’s are a threat to your personal security and your business matters if you happen to be using your email address for professional purposes. Therefore it is important that people learn how to track a scammer’s location so that they know how to tackle them and protect their personal and professional information.

The first step in locating a scammer’s location is first tracing an email header. This step needs to be accomplished first because it will then lead to the next step in locating the scammer. The email header is used by various internet service providers and client servers to ensure that the message reaches its intended destination. If you can get to the email header, finding the IP address of the email address’s owner will not be problem. The IP address represents the physical location of the client from where the email was originally sent.

You need technical knowledge to extract the header and then the IP address from it. However you can now take help from online websites which help people track email addresses right to their physical location. All you have to do is copy and paste the email header into the space provided by tracking software or websites online. They then process the header online to extract the location out of it and provide you with the exact destination from where the message was originally sent.

For people who store and share important information via email, its essential that they have access to such sites and software which help them track scammers effectively.